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Are You Thinking That Who Are We ?

This Blog Managed By 2 Members. My Big Brother And I Manage This Blog Whenever We Have Time. We Post Unique Articles For Our Visitors. First, I Want To Say About My Big Brother.

Saksham Pandey –

Saksham Pandey
Managing Director & CEO

My Brother Name Is Saksham Pandey. He Manages The Entire Blog. He Always Wants To Set Beautiful Our Website For You. He Is Studying MBBS In A Patna Coaching Centre

Akshat Pandey –

Akshat Pandey
Author & Owner

I Wrote Many Posts For You & Purchased The WordPress Site By A Hosting Company. My Main Motive For Creating This Blog For My Special Visitors. I Think That Many Helpful Articles Are Not Available On Google So, I Decided To Help People By This Site. Because I Am An Indian So I Write Articles In Our National Language ( Hindi ). When Anyone Comments Me To Write Articles On That ( Bla – Bla ) Topic Then I Wrote Next Article On That When I Think That This Question Is Very Important For Other People’s Also. Oh! I Forget To Tell You My Name. Ya, My Name Is Akshat Pandey & I Am Living Currently In Patna, Bihar, India.

I Am Studying In KV Patna & I am In Class 12th. After My Studies, I Take Blogging My Career. Currently, Blogging Is My Passion & In The Future It Will Be My Career.

Thanks, I Tell Almost Everything About Me. If I Forgot Anything Then Surely I Add More Sentences About Me & My Brother In Future.